Richmond Town Beach

Richmond pond association objectives

Our Objectives:


  1. Promote public education about the mission of the association and the importance of preserving and protecting Richmond Pond, its watershed and the other wetland values associated with the pond.
  2. Work with the town, regional, state and federal governmental bodies and environmental and planning agencies and organizations to facilitate financial support for pond preservation and protection, including repairs to the dam and other infrastructure, and to improve environmental regulations pertaining to lake and watershed management.
  3. Serve as an active member of the Lakes and Ponds Association of Western Massachusetts and its affiliates and other appropriate agencies and organizations.
  4. Establish an information base relative to the management of Richmond Pond.
  5. Create a plan that will guide the Association’s efforts in meeting these objectives.

Please browse the extensive information about Richmond Pond and the RPA on this website.

In collaboration with the Town of Richmond and City of Pittsfield (since the pond spans two jurisdictions), the Richmond Pond Association has developed and regularly updates a Lake Management Plan.  See Lake Management page for details.