Pond Calendar for 2020

Scheduled activities open to the public:

Regular meetings of the Richmond Pond Association are usually (but not always) on the 4th Tuesday of the month, usually at Richmond Town Hall. Meetings are usually scheduled April through October, and additionally only as needed.  Special Note - Because of measures being implemented to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, RPA meetings initially scheduled for spring and early summer 2020 in Richmond Town Hall may instead take place via an online platform yet to be selected. Details will be posted here and communicated to RPA website subscribers by email when related plans are solidified. 

4/1      Target date to complete pond's refill to normal level, after winter draw-down

4/28   RPA Meeting (5:30 pm) - Richmond Town Hall

5/19    RPA Meeting (5:30 pm) - Richmond Town Hall

6/21   (Tentative) Richmond Town Beach opens for summer season; open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 am - 5 pm with lifeguards (access gate closes 7 pm)

6/23   RPA Meeting (5:30 pm) - Richmond Town Hall

7/28   All-town Picnic - sponsored by Richmond Pond Association (5:00 pm to 8:00 pm) - Camp Russell - Free family picnic/celebration format; swimming, pontoon boat rides, etc.

8/25   RPA Meeting (5:30 pm) - Richmond Town Hall

​9/22   RPA Meeting (5:30 pm) - Richmond Town Hall

10/27  RPA Meeting (5:30 pm) - Richmond Town Hall

11/1      Winter lake level draw-down begins - to be reduced 1" or 2" per day until drawn down by 2 feet.  (Refill to occur in early spring, so pond is back to normal level by April 1st.)

NOTES: Dates of pond weed treatments, Chili & Chowder Fest, and other events held at Richmond Pond and open to the public will be added to this calendar as they are scheduled and RPA is notified.

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Please let us know about scheduled pond activities that are open to the public, so we can consider posting them here.  See details at bottom of the Links  page for submission details.